Western Wayne Field Trip Fund Donation

Field trips seem like a distant memory this year, along with everything else that got cancelled. So we went looking for other ways we could help students and teachers with the Hoosier Explorers Field Trip Fund. Recently, we reached out to teachers at Western Wayne Elementary School in Cambridge City to find out what their needs were in this challenging year.

Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes were a top priority. Every day items like pencils, crayons, and other basic supplies were also requested. We set to work and managed to track down everything they had on their list, even the cleaning supplies. In deference to the safety of students and staff we had the supplies shipped directly to the school, rather than making deliveries as we had in the past.

We were touched and honored when received these thoughtful thank you card and note from teachers and students! It’s all possible thanks to the generous contributions of PCCU staff and members. It’s people helping people!

If you’re a local public school teacher and you could use some help this year, email Kim Welch, our Education & Outreach Director. She’ll assess requests and help decide where we can help.