Miscellaneous Club Accounts

Miscellaneous Club Accounts are a great way to organize your saving. Open one for each different need, so you can keep “Vacation” funds separate from your “Property Taxes” cash.¬†Club accounts paired with your direct deposit are a great way to automate your savings.

  • Club Accounts can be set up for any savings need you have
  • Title your account after what you’re saving for: “vacation”, “taxes”, “bills”, etc.
  • Dividends are paid quarterly
  • No withdrawal restrictions
Club SharesAnnual Percentage RateAnnual Percentage Yield
Youth Club0.10%0.10%
Club For (Misc. Future Expenses) Accounts0.05%0.05%
Vacation Club0.05%0.05%
Payroll Club0.05%0.05%
Christmas Club (paid annually October 31)0.05%0.05%
Dividends are paid quarterly and calculated from day of deposit to day of withdrawal.

Rates subject to change without notice.

For more information on terms and fees
Rate & Fee Schedule I
Rate & Fee Schedule II
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