Miscellaneous Club Accounts

Miscellaneous Club Accounts are a great way to organize your saving. Open one for each different need, so you can keep “Vacation” funds separate from your “Property Taxes” cash. Club accounts paired with your direct deposit are a great way to automate your savings.

  • Club Accounts can be set up for any savings need you have
  • Title your account after what you’re saving for: “vacation”, “taxes”, “bills”, etc.
  • Dividends are paid quarterly
  • No withdrawal restrictions*
Club SharesAnnual Percentage RateAnnual Percentage Yield
Youth Club0.10%0.10%
Club For (Misc. Future Expenses) Accounts0.05%0.05%
Vacation Club0.05%0.05%
Payroll Club0.00%0.00%
Christmas Club (paid annually October 31)0.05%0.05%
Dividends are paid quarterly and calculated from day of deposit to day of withdrawal.


Rates subject to change without notice.

For more information on terms and fees
Truth in Savings I
Truth in Savings II
Fee Schedule

*Christmas Club accounts closed before October 31 will not be paid dividends. If you choose to withdraw early, the total balance must be withdrawn and you will not be paid dividends on the account. If you have chosen to close an account before October 31 you may reopen a new account but will only be paid dividends on the new account balance from the open date to the following October 31.