Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers allow you to send money from your PCCU account to another financial institution in the United States or abroad. You can also receive money from accounts at other financial institutions.

  • Incoming – $5 per transfer
  • Outgoing Domestic – $15 per transfer
  • Outgoing International – $40 per transfer

For an outgoing domestic wire you will need at least the following information:

  • Receiver’s full name
  • Receiver’s address
  • Receiver’s account number
  • Receiver’s routing or ABA number
  • Name of receiving Financial Institution
  • Address of receiving Financial Institution
  • Reason for the transfer

Before initiating a transfer, check with the receiving financial institution to see if they have any special instructions or information that may need to be included.

Please call us with any questions about sending or receiving wire transfers at 800-582-7228, or email us at wiresin@pccu.com.