Home Equity Loans

The equity in your home can be a powerful financial tool.  Whether you are making home improvements, going on vacation, paying for college or whatever your financial need might be, a home equity loan is a great choice.  Home equity loans have lower interest rates than many other loans and the interest may be tax deductible!  PCCU offers competitive interest rates and home equity options available to meet your particular need.

Home Equity Loans are great way to tap into the value you’ve built in your home. Whether it’s to improve or expand your home, modernize your heating and cooling system, or pay for a significant expense like education, a home equity loan enables you to access the investment you’ve made, and typically carries a lower interest rate than a personal loan. Your interest may even be tax deductible!

Fixed Home Equity Loans

  • 10 and 15 year fixed terms to set a payment that best suits your budget
  • Competitive market rate that is fixed at closing; based on equity in your home
  • Finance up to 95% of the value an Owner Occupied home
  • Finance up to 75% of the value of an investment property.

To Apply for a Home Equity Loan, contact a loan officer today:

Hagerstown:  800-582-7228
Richmond:     866-472-1038
New Castle:    866-829-5060
Or stop in at any branch and start one in person

Home Equity Closed-End Fixed Rates

 Tier A+Tier ATier BTier CTier D
Primary borrower credit score730+729-680679-640639-600≤ 599
10 Years4.44%4.74%5.04%6.44%N/A
15 Years4.94%5.24%5.54%6.94%N/A
See Policy for Max Term
Owner- Occupied: LTV 81% - 90% - add .50% to base rate above
Non-Owner Occupied: LTV 1% - 75% - add 1.50% to base rate above

PCCU is an Equal Opportunity Lender

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