Save to Winners!

Think saving money is boring? Not anymore, with Save to Win from PCCU saving is fun and exciting! When you open a Save to Win account with the minimum deposit of $25 you’ll earn a chance to win a cash prize from one of five different drawings. In fact, for every $25 you deposit over the course of a month* you get an entry into five drawings, the Multi-State Monthly and Quarterly drawings, the Indiana Monthly and Quarterly drawings, and the PCCU Members Monthly drawing. These drawings award cash prizes monthly and quarterly, ranging from $25 up to $5,000! The PCCU Members Monthly Drawing alone gives away $250 each month to a PCCU member.

Not only do you get many chances to win, you also earn interest each month. Plus, at the end of the year you’ll still have all the money you invested, not just a pile of loser scratch-offs. So even if you don’t win a cash prize you still have your stake, unlike a lottery ticket or trip to a casino you can’t lose!

You can open your Save to Win account today by calling us at 800-582-7228, or by sending us a secure message through PCCU AllWays Mobile or Online Banking. Or by stopping by at your local branch. Start saving and start winning today with Save to Win from PCCU!

Month Member Drawing Winner Prize Multi-State Monthly Winner Prize
January 2020 Barry M. of Hagerstown $250
February 2020 W.E. from Richmond $250
March 2020 Doris W. from Hagerstown $250 Carol S. from Hagerstown $25
April 2020 Doris W. from Hagerstown $250
May 2020 Angela L. from Richmond $250 Devin C. from Hagerstown $25
June 2020 Larry S. from New Castle $250 Clarice S. from New Castle $25
July 2020 Michael R. from Williamsburg $250

*Limit 10 entries per month, and 30 entries per quarter. Must be 18 years old and reside in a participating state to participate. Click here for full rules and restrictions.