Save to Win Your Home Down Payment

Thinking about buying your first home and looking for a fun way to save up for your down payment? Look no further than PCCU’s Save to Win CD!

Save to Win only requires $25 to open and you may deposit as much as you care to each month to grow your down payment. But what makes Save to Win special is the chance to win cash prizes while you save! For every $25 you deposit over the course of a month* you get an entry into five drawings, the Multi-State Monthly and Quarterly drawings, the Indiana Monthly and Quarterly drawings, and the PCCU Members Monthly drawing. These drawings award cash prizes monthly and quarterly, ranging from $25 up to $5,000!

You can make it easy to save (to win!) by taking full advantage of your PCCU membership. Have your paycheck direct deposited and you can select a portion to land in your Save to Win account every payday, before your ever see it! You can also tie your PCCU Visa Debit Card to it with our Ultimate Saver program where we round up every purchase you make to the next dollar and deposit the difference in a savings account. Just set it to your Save to Win and watch your down payment grow with every purchase!

Whether you win a prize or not you’ll still earn interest on your Save to Win CD every month. Plus you’ll also develop the discipline for saving money which will help you as a homeowner!Save to Win the Smartest Way to Save

*Limit 10 entries per month, and 30 entries per quarter. Must be 18 years old and reside in a participating state to participate. Click here for full rules and restrictions.