@PCCU You Can Do Better: Save to Win

At PCCU we know that saving money isn’t always easy. It seems like there is always some unexpected expense throwing a curve ball into your budget, like a car repair or school function your child forgot to tell you about until the day of the event.  When you start saving for the future as an every day habit these emergencies get a lot easier to deal with. We’re ready to help you build that habit with our new Save to Win program.Save to Win the Smartest Way to Save

Most savings accounts pay you a little bit of interest, but Save to Win is so much more! Save to Win is a certificate of deposit, or a CD for short. By agreeing to deposit a set of amount of money for an agreed upon term, ranging from ninety days up to five years, CDs pay more interest than a typical savings account that allows you to make withdrawals at will. The Save to Win CD has a one year term, but unlike most other CDs, you may add money to it at any time during that term. You could have money from your direct deposit added to it every time you get paid, or even connect it to your PCCU Visa debit card and have the change rounded up from your debit card purchases added to it.

Most CDs require a larger minimum deposit than savings accounts, typically at least $500, $1,000, or even more. You only need $25 to open a Save to Win CD, a much easier target for many members.

The most fun part of the Save to Win CD are the drawings! There are monthly national, state, and PCCU level drawings, as well as quarterly drawings at the national and state level. Participating members can win cash prizes ranging from $25 to $5,000! Every $25 dollars you deposit in your Save to Win CD over the course of the month earns you an entry in the monthly and quarterly drawings, up to ten entries per month and thirty entries per quarter.

At the end of the one year term all the money you have saved in your Save to Win CD is still yours, along with the interest it has earned. So even if your name is not drawn over the year you will still be a winner with both cash in hand and a habit of saving money. Money that will be there the next time the dog has to go to the vet or the roof leaks, or even for the down payment on a first home; whatever life may throw at you!

To learn more visit our Save to Win page, or the home of Save to Win.