New Member Referral Pays Dividends: Help a Friend for a Chance to Win!

Robert has been a member of PCCU since 2005. He referred a new member in May and received a $25 incentive for sharing membership. He was quite surprised when PCCU Member Relationship Manager Dava Dale got in touch with him in August to let him know that his referral had won him the drawing for the second quarter, and a grand prize of $1,000. Robert said the money was a blessing and would really help him out right now. Congratulations Robert, we appreciate you and every member who shares the gift of PCCU membership.

2nd Quarter Referral Drawing Winner Robert with Dava
2nd Quarter Referral Drawing Winner Robert with Dava

So how does our referral program work? There are two routes you can take.

You can use our digital referral platform to send electronic referrals. Just a give us a little bit of information and we’ll send your friend or family member an invitation to join!

Or if you prefer good old pen and paper ask for some New Member Referral Cards on your next visit to PCCU, or print your own at home. Just add your name to them as the “Current Member”. Then pass them on to anyone who qualifies for membership who could use a checking account that pays 2.25% APY or needs a great rate on a loan. They’ll add their name as a “New Member”, and bring in that card when they open their account and give it to the MSR who opens it. After the account is open for 30 days, we’ll deposit $25 in both your account and the new member’s account.

We are going to make quarterly drawings from all of the members who refer new members through the end of 2018. We will choose one of our referring members at random to win $1,000. Every new member you refer increases your odds of winning. Sign up for digital referrals or get your cards and begin referring today!

New member must be 18 years or older and deposit $25 into new share account. If the new share account is closed prior to 30 days the referral will not be paid, in addition to forfeiting the $25 share deposit for closing a new account prior to being open for 90 days. This offer may be withdrawn without prior notice, and does not apply to additional accounts or anyone who has caused PCCU an unrecovered loss.