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Refer a new member to PCCU today!

Not only will we find ways to save your friends and family money, we will also provide them with outstanding member service powered by our philosophy of people helping people. Plus when they open an account you will both be eligible to receive a $25 referral incentive. It’s quick and easy, and it benefits you both.

Refer a New Member to PCCU

Help a friend or loved one do better by introducing them to PCCU!

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New member must be 18 years or older and deposit $25 into new share account with share draft and direct deposit. If the new share account is closed prior to 30 days the referral will not be paid, in addition to forfeiting the $25 share deposit for closing a new account prior to being open for 90 days. This offer may be withdrawn without prior notice, and does not apply to additional accounts or anyone who has caused PCCU an unrecovered loss.