Holiday Solutions You Can Use

The holiday season can be hectic, sometimes even downright frantic, as we hustle trying to get everything just right for those we love. It can be a tall order any year, and 2020 has not be just any year. With all the additional challenges, PCCU is here to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for that hard to please person on your list, or buying gift cards to help support local businesses, our Holiday Helper Loan Special is a great way to find extra cash for all of your holiday needs. You can borrow up to $1,500 at only 7.99%, with up to a year to pay it off.

If you’re looking for a smaller and/or shorter term solution to your holiday woes, our 30 Day Loan may be a better fit. With just two paystubs or a current award letter you can borrow up to $600 for just $3 per $100 borrowed. Borrow $300 and you’ll have thirty days to pay back $309. With a $5 application fee, it’s a great way to cover short range needs.

If you already have an auto or personal loan at PCCU, you may be eligible for our Skip-A-Pay program, that allows you to skip one month’s payment on your loan for a fee of $25. Then instead of making a payment you can use that money for your holiday needs. Plus, it’s available year-round, for whenever life throws you a curve ball.

After you’ve figured this year out, why not  figure out next year too? Now is the perfect time to open a Christmas Club savings account for Christmas 2021! Just have a portion of your check deposited to it automatically every payday, and you’ll be in great shape for next year.

Still not seeing the perfect solution? Call, text, or email us today about your situation. We’ll be happy to listen and help you find the best choice we can offer, or help point you in the right direction of someone who can help.