Back-to-School Options

Need some extra money for back-to-school this year? PCCU is ready to help make it a little easier this year with several options.

We make right-sized personal loans, in amounts as small as $500, that help you solve problems. Whether it’s how to pay for school supplies and fees, or paying for an unexpected trip or car repair, we’ll make personal loans up to $20,000 depending on your credit history and income. We offer flexible terms and great rates that make it easier to go back to school!

If you already have a loan with PCCU and you don’t want to borrow new money, you might consider using our Skip-A-Pay. If you qualify, you can pay a $25 fee per loan and “Skip” a payment for a month. That payment is added on to the end of the loan and will extend it’s life, but it also frees up some cash that you can use for new school clothes or book fees without putting it on your credit card. Ask a loan officer if your loan is eligible for a “Skip” this back-to-school season!

If neither of these is the right fit for your budget, we also make 30-Day loans that great for short-term needs. You might also consider setting up a Club Savings account to start saving for next year. At PCCU we take pride in helping you find solutions, so talk to us and we will help your family prepare to head back to school. You can call us at 800-582-7228 and ask to speak to a loan officer. They will work with you to find the solution that works best for you.