“The Money Game” for New Castle High School’s JAG Program

Recently, PCCU’s Kim Welch (Education and Outreach Director) and Kat Williams (MSR) facilitated The Money Game for New Castle High School’s JAG program. The Money Game is hands on learning experience. The game covers important topics such as paychecks, expenses, credit cards, debt, life events, impulse buying, keeping track and managing your money, assets and liabilities, earning passive income and taking risks! Each round of the game represents a pay period where the player earns a paycheck and literally has to divide it up to pay their expenses. When they’ve saved enough money they can begin to invest in assets. Life events make or break their monthly cash flow as the game progresses. They have registers that resemble a checkbook which they record all the activities and events that take place. The students have fun and learn about money! Candy, food and pop are used to simulate impulse buying opportunities that often put us in bad financial situations if not kept in check.

If you would like more information on this event, or would like PCCU to host an event at your school in 2022, please contact Kim Welch (kwelch@pccu.com) for details!