Supporting Local Students With the Hoosier Explorers Field Trip Fund

When we built the Hoosier Explorers Field Trip Fund several years ago it was because we knew without some outside help many students might not get the chance to take field trips. We certainly hadn’t envisioned a world where field trips would be completely off the table. But at PCCU we’re not much for knuckling under when trouble comes calling. Instead we start looking for another way forward. Thanks in part to the generosity of PCCU members and staff  we bought wifi access points for New Castle schools, tablets for students in Richmond, and food for Nettle Creek students.

Show Your Support For Local Students With a Field Trip Fund Sticker!

Now as students and teachers prepare to go back there are a lot of questions about the best way to tackle the return to school while still dealing with the pandemic. It seems like there are a lot more questions than answers at this point, and no one knows for certain what the new school year will bring. One thing we do know is that we can step up as a team to help.

In August we’ll be taking donations for the Fund to be used to deliver much needed supplies to public schools in Wayne and Henry counties. If you donate $1 or more you’ll get a great sticker for your car or truck. PCCU was founded on a philosophy of people helping  people almost ninety years ago, and it’s still our guiding principle today.

If you’re at the drive up and you’d like to make a donation just let us know and we can transfer the money directly, or we’ll gladly accept cash as well. If you’re staying home but you’d still like to contribute you’re welcome to call or text us, or send a secure message through PCCU AllWays Mobile or Online Banking.

In the meantime we’ll find out what teachers and students need to help get through this pandemic and do our best to provide for them. When we work together we can do incredible things!