Save Money in 2020 with Save to Win

In 2019 PCCU joined other credit unions across the country in the Save to Win program. It’s a savings account where saving money earns you interest plus a chance to win cash prizes!

PCCU members saved more than $24,000 in their Save to Win accounts last year, for an average of more than $500 each. These savings were complimented with prize winnings of at least $3,200 and counting! Could you be one of our 2020 winners? Open your Save to Win account today and start saving to find out.

You only need $25 to open a Save to Win certificate. For every $25 you deposit over the course of a month you will earn a chance to win (limited to 10 chances per month). In fact, each chance is actually three, as you’ll be entered to win three monthly drawings. A Multi-State drawing, for all participating credit unions across the country; an Indiana drawing, for participating Hoosiers; and the PCCU Members’ Drawing. Additionally the Multi-State and Indiana drawings also give away quarterly prizes (limited to 30 chances per quarter).

In addition to cash prizes, participating members also earned interest on their deposits every month. The only way to lose with Save to Win is to not play!