Refi Your Home Loan to Consolidate

Maybe you’ve already got a pretty good rate on your mortgage and you’re planning to sit out the current refi boom. But what if you’re missing out on a chance to improve your overall debt picture? Here are some good reasons to consider a home loan refi.

    • Credit Card Debt: If you have a significant amount of credit card debt, drastically lowering the interest rate with a refi is a great way to tackle it.
    • Home Equity or HELOC: If you’re carrying a home equity or HELOC loan at a higher rate, and hate making two house payments each month.
    • Medical Debt: Shorter terms can make for large, budget-busting payments.
    • Retirement Planning: If you’re looking to retire in the next five to fifteen years and you want to focus on paying down debt before you clock out for the last time.

Do one or more of these reasons apply to you? PCCU’s home loan expert, Amy Clark, can help you run the numbers and see how much you might save with a home loan refi consolidation. Email or call her today at 765-960-8618 and find out if a refi is right for you.