PCCU’s Banzai Financial Literacy Center

PCCU’s Financial Resource Center is getting an upgrade to Banzai! For years we have made Banzai’s wealth of materials available to teachers and students in Wayne and Henry counties free of charge, but now we’re expanding it to include an entire section for adults. Welcome to the PCCU Banzai Financial Literacy Center!

At the Banzai Financial Literacy Center you’ll find great articles on everything from buying a car or your first home to the financial realities of divorce or planning for retirement. These articles will help guide you through some of the more complex financial decisions you’ll face. Many of them feature calculators to help you wrap your arms around the numbers and make more informed choices by seeing their long term impact in black and white.

It also offers online coaching that will help you through issues like getting out of debt, filling out a FAFSA, or deciding if you’re financially ready to retire. The Banzai coach will walk you through it step by step, telling you what numbers to plug in and even where to find those numbers. Just like a human coach would, if a human coach were available 24/7 to work with you on your schedule. But unlike some human coaches there’s never any judgment.

So check out PCCU’s Banzai Financial Literacy Center and an article, calculator, coach today! Of course we’re always ready to tag in and take over for the coach, as our loan officers are trained to assist, working with you one on one to give you the advice you need to reach your financial goals.