@PCCU You Can Do Better: Christmas Clubs & Skip-A-Pay

Many members make paying for the holidays easier by having a bit of their direct deposit land in a Christmas Club savings account all year long. Then on November 1st, those funds are transferred into their Regular Share to use for holiday expenses. You can start one today to begin planning for next year, learn more here.

Two children peek at Santa Claus placing gifts under the Christmas tree.
Every Santa has their own Christmas “magic”….

Some also plan to take a holiday from their loan payments. For a $25 fee many members are eligible to skip making a payment on their PCCU loan(s) for one month (thirty days). This frees up extra money for the holidays, whether for gifts or travelling to see family, it’s there for you to use as you see fit.

Many also take advantage of this membership benefit during the holidays. No matter when you decide to use it, it helps make life a little easier. Learn more about Skip-A-Pay here. 

Christmas stocking isolated on white background
Skip-A-Pay helps fill stockings…