PCCU Staff Profile: Kevin Riede and Jannine Harris

PCCU has seen a few changes over the last few months and we want you to get to know the staff of PCCU!  Some faces are new and some faces you will be familiar with, just in different roles.

Kevin Riede

Name:  Kevin Riede

Kevin Riede – VP Information Systems

Title: VP Information Systems

Years with PCCU: 1 Year

Favorite Food: Pasta for life

Favorite Book or Movie: The Odyssey

Favorite Hobby: “Granddadding”

Why should everyone join a credit union?: Credit unions are “not-for-profit” because their purpose is to serve their members rather than to maximize profits.  A credit union makes our communities better places to live.

What should every PCCU member know about their credit union?: At PCCU you feel like you own a piece of the place, because you do.

Jannine Harris

Name: Jannine Harris

Jannine Harris – Senior MSR, Hagerstown Branch

Title: Senior MSR, Hagerstown Branch

Years with PCCU: 6 Years

Favorite Food: Homemade Pizza; Jack’s Donuts – particularly Chocolate Iced Persian

Favorite Book or Movie: As a youth – Charlotte’s Web (book and movie; As an adult – The Help (book and movie)

Favorite Hobby: Active in Jacksonburg Christian Church and Psi Iota Xi Sorority-Beta Pi.  Spring and Summer – yard work.  Fall and Winter – jigsaw puzzles; cooking and baking; TV; and naps!

Why should everyone join a credit union?: Personable and convenient; timely response to inquiries and applications.

What should every PCCU member know about their credit union?:  Amount of products we actually can offer and Ultimate Checking at 2.25%!