PCCU Staff Profile: Gabrielle Olinger and Lisa Cowgill

PCCU has seen a few changes over the last few months and we want you to get to know the staff of PCCU!  Some faces are new and some faces you will be familiar with, just in different roles.

Gabrielle Olinger

Name:  Gabrielle Olinger (Gabbie)

Gabrielle Olinger, MSR – Richmond Branch

Title: MSR, Richmond Branch

Years with PCCU: 1 Year

Favorite Food: Pasta (of any kind)

Favorite Book or Movie: Pillow Talk w/Rock Hudson and Doris Day

Favorite Hobby: Painting

Why should everyone join a credit union?: From experience working a a different financial institution, it is night and day when it comes to familiarity with members every day.  When you join a credit union, we learn who you are, what your financial goals are, and personalize methods best for you.  The advantage of being the smaller guy allows us more flexibility, normalcy, and better communication when it comes to taking care of our members.

What should every PCCU member know about their credit union?: I would like for everyone to know that we are not only committed to our members, but to the community that we all live in.  We’re constantly adapting our services to best fit what’s happening around us to successfully benefit our members.  We may be smaller, but, our variety of services can make a larger impact; inside or outside the doors of the credit union!

Lisa Cowgill

Name: Lisa Cowgill

Lisa Cowgill, Loan Officer – Hagerstown Branch

Title: Loan Officer, Hagerstown Branch

Years with PCCU: 20 Years

Favorite Food: Peach Cobbler

Favorite Book or Movie: Breakfast Club

Favorite Hobby: Playing cards with family; watching scary movies

Why should everyone join a credit union?: It is a more personalized, hands-on approach to the member.

What should every PCCU member know about their credit union?:  How many products PCCU actually offers!  So many people do not know!