PCCU Staff Profile: Chelsea Lingg and Jason Saylor

PCCU has seen a few changes over the last few months and we want you to get to know the staff of PCCU!  Some faces are new and some faces you will be familiar with, just in different roles.

Chelsea Lingg

Chelsea Lingg – VP Finance

Name:  Chelsea Lingg

Title: VP Finance

Years with PCCU: 10 Years

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Book or Movie: Sweet Home Alabama

Favorite Hobby: Party/Wedding Decorating

Why should everyone join a credit union?: At a credit union you aren’t just a number, we know our members by name and take time to listen to your situation and help put you with products and services that are best suited for you!

What should every PCCU member know about their credit union?: We are constantly looking for ways to improve what we are already offering and researching new products to serve our membership in the best ways possible.

Jason Saylor

Name: Jason Saylor

Jason Saylor – VP Marketing

Title: VP Marketing

Years with PCCU: 1 1/2 Years

Favorite Food:  Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Favorite Book or Movie:  Teen Wolf

Favorite Hobby:  Working out and anything with my kids.

Why should everyone join a credit union?: Being a not-for-profit organization, credit unions are owned by their members.  You are not just a number at a credit union.  You receive a more personable experience at the credit union.

What should every PCCU member know about their credit union?: PCCU loves to be involved with our communities by participating in various events and projects within the community.  PCCU is also loves to partner with our local schools and to give back with our Hoosier Explorer Field Trip Fund.