PCCU Card Security App – A New Tool In the Fight Against Fraud

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today!

PCCU is serious about debit and credit card security and we’re looking to enlist as many members as possible in the fight! The new PCCU Card Security app is separate from our PCCU AllWays Mobile Banking App and laser focused on helping you protect your cards from fraud.  Download the app, available in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, and you can help us send the scammers packing!

After downloading the app you’ll need to create a login and then enter your PCCU Visa debit and credit cards. Then check out the two main features, alerts and controls. You can set up alerts for purchases by location, merchant type, transaction type, and set spending limits. For example, you can set up notifications for your card being used internationally so if a scammer tries to use your card overseas you’ll be notified by text message of where, when, and for how much was charged to your card immediately when the purchase is authorized.

Control you card wherever you roam.

Or you can set a notification if it was used outside of areas where you live and frequently visit. Say you live in Richmond and work in Muncie, you could set the app to alert you anytime it’s used outside of those two areas. You can even set it to alert you if your card is used somewhere your phone isn’t.

The card controls work in a similar fashion as alerts, allowing you to shut down transactions by locations, merchant type, transactions type, and set spending limits. For instance, you can close your card to online purchases and ATM withdrawals but leave it open to other types. Then if you want to buy something from an internet merchant or make an ATM withdrawal you can turn off those controls in the app, make your purchase or withdrawal, and then close the card back down. The spend limits can even be a nice way to make yourself think twice about impulse purchases, especially big ones.

The app contains a number of other great features, like the ability to report a card lost or stolen, review purchases, and start disputes on suspicious transactions. Additionally, you can set temporary travel notifications on your debit card before you go on a trip; or make payments on your credit card. It’s a powerful tool to help members take control of their cards and help PCCU reduce fraud. It’s another reason why you can do better at PCCU!