New Castle Schools Field Trip Fund Donation

Kim Welch, PCCU’s Education & Outreach Director, spoke to a number of her contacts in local schools in December trying to find what teachers needed to help them through some of these tough times. We were expecting answers like hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, or possibly even tablets or other devices. Instead, more than anything else the teachers in New Castle told Kim the could use help motivating their students during virtual learning.

The teachers were finding that between distractions on their devices, other things going on around them in their homes, and plain old frustration and boredom, students were having a difficult time “showing up” and engaging with one another and their studies. So instead of cleaning supplies we supplied each school with $200 to buy whatever motivational awards or prizes they thought would work best for their students.

We got a nice thank you note from Mr. McDaniel at the Middle School. He plans to use the money for prizes for students who they “catch” being helpful and kind.

Mr. White at Eastwood Elementary is using the money to buy books for their vending machine. Students earn tokens for the machine and are then able to choose a book with them.

Parker Elementary used it to fund prizes for hard work during virtual learning.

We look forward to more stories about how the other schools have used the funds!