NCUSIF Insurance Conversion – October Update

The change to federally backed NCUA deposit insurance is set for Thursday, October 8th. Here’s a quick update on the changes you can expect to see on that date.

You’ll see the ASI logo replaced by the NCUA logo on signs, forms, and other spots to assure members both current and prospective are aware of the coverage. But other than that you won’t notice much by way of day-to-day change. We’ll continue to accept your deposits and offer loans at great rates, just as we always have.

If you’re unsure whether your deposits will be covered after the change you can use the NCUA’s Estimator tool at Just plug in your deposits and verify that they’re covered. You’re also welcome to text or call us at 800-582-7228 and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you help and help you determine how much coverage you have. You can also download this informational brochure from the NCUA here, or pick one up at any PCCU office.

Otherwise, you won’t see much change as you go about your day-to-day business with the credit union. You’ll enjoy the same great financial products and services that PCCU has always offered with the additional layer of security provided by the NCUA’s federal guaranty.