Moving Up in Richmond

New Richmond Branch Manager Tyler Webb shakes hands with the outgoing Branch Manager Jason Burdette who has accepted the job of VP of Member Services.
Tyler & Jason – The Changing of the Guard

Changes are coming to PCCU’s Richmond office. Jason Burdette, the long-time branch manager, recently accepted a promotion to Vice President of Member Services. In this new role he will oversee all three offices and their daily operation. He will be working from PCCU’s main office in Hagerstown, while also making time to visit the branches, providing oversight, training, and support.

When asked what he would miss the most about the branch manager role Jason said, “The daily interaction with members.”. However, he looks forward to having an impact on the entire membership and insuring that their needs are well served. He is also eager to take on the challenge of, “thinking big and working on the strategic level”, while never forgetting those decisions must benefit the same members who sat down at his desk and shared their stories with him.

Jason Burdette
VP Member Services

Stories will also be important to Jason’s successor, Tyler Webb. Tyler has been serving members for just over two years as a loan officer in Richmond. Jason selected him based on his experience in lending, investments, and other areas of banking that goes back seven years and includes stints at big regional and national banks. Tyler remarked that stories were one of the biggest differences he had to adjust to when he came to PCCU. When he reviewed loan applications at the big banks he was only trained to look at the numbers, credit scores, deposit balances and the like. When he got to PCCU Jason trained him to listen to members’ stories and place value on how long a person had been a member, to see the person and understand their needs, and to value them as an individual who contributes to the overall health of the credit union in their own ways.

Tyler Webb - Branch Manager - Richmond
Tyler Webb
Branch Manager

Tyler is looking forward to his new role as a chance to take what he has learned from Jason and help serve even more members. He is also looking forward to the opportunity, “to learn new skills and grow”. Having worked so closely over the last several years Jason is confident placing the Richmond branch in Tyler’s hands, knowing that he will be there to support and guide Tyler as he grows into his new role. Stop in and wish them both luck in their new positions!