Member Appreciation Days 2020 Wrap-up

Though the pandemic put the kibosh on our normal Member Appreciation Days celebration with Mrs. Wicks’ pies and cider we tried to find the “golden” lining in the situation and try something new. We knew our members enjoy a sweet treat and we wanted to find a local company to provide it. Turned out the answer was right under our noses in Hagerstown, Abbott’s Candy!

Abbotts has been making their scrumptious candy concoctions for more than a century in Hagerstown and they are know across the country for their soft and delicious caramels. They were the “perfect” partner! We ordered a large batch of caramels to show our members some love, and then we sweetened the pot even more by including “golden tickets” in a number of them. Members who turned in their tickets each received $25 and a chance to win the grand prize.

When we gave them all away we drew for our grand prize of $200. Linda from Hagerstown was the lucky member and was so pleased she even came back so we could snap a photo!

Hopefully, by the time Member Appreciation Days roll around in October 2021 we’ll be back on a more normal basis. If we can, would you prefer that continue on with Abbott’s caramels? Or would you prefer we “stick” to Mrs. Wicks’ pies? Or is there another local institution you’d rather see? Vote below and tell us what you think!

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