@PCCU You Can Do Better: Free Checking Saves You Money

Free checking is harder to find these days. But not at PCCU! When you select estatements your Ultimate Checking is free from monthly service charges. And I know what you’re thinking, “If it’s free they probably stripped all the chrome off it…”. That may be how they do it at banks, but not at PCCU!

BillPay on Mobile Banking? We’ve got that!

BillPay is also free when you use it to make one payment each month from your checking. Save yourself the hassle and expense of writing checks and buying stamps. You can even use it to pay people or companies that can’t accept electronic payments. Plus you can automate payments so you don’t have to worry about mailing a check out month after month, worrying about whether it will be on time. You can even use BillPay through our mobile banking app for added convenience!

Surcharge-free ATMs? We’ve got them!

Free ATMs? We’ve got those too. We’ve partnered with several networks that give you surcharge-free access to your money at more than 30,000 locations across the US. This allows you to make up to five withdrawals a month with no fees! Get your cash when and where you need it, at home and on the road.

I know what you’re thinking, “It sounds good, but moving my checking over will be such a hassle!”. No problem, we make the switch easy with ClickSwitch, our free digital switchover assistant that will help you move over your direct deposit, automatic withdrawals, and even help you close your old account. We’ll set you up, and with a little info and a few clicks, ClickSwitch will take care of the rest.

Are you ready to stop paying monthly fees? Are you ready to see how good free can be? Call, email or come in and see us today to start your switch to Ultimate Checking, you’ll be glad you did!