Dog Owners: What to Look For When Buying a Home

Are you a dog parent or dog lover thinking about buying a home? Here are some things you might want to consider while you’re searching for the perfect home for you and your pooch!

Happy couple in love with dog walking on a rural dirt road in springtime at sunset. The woman and man hugging. The woman keeps her dog on a leash. Couple and dog back to the camera. A big yard would be nice.

At least, look for a yard that matches your dog’s size, energy level and “output.” A yard with a fence would be even better, for both you and your dog. If you find the perfect house with the perfect yard, but need to add a fence, check with the local municipality about their fence laws. You may need a permit and permission from the neighbors.

Look for a neighborhood that has dog-friendly parks.

Make sure the local parks aren’t the kind that include No Dogs Allowed signs. A home near an actual dog park, can compensate for a smaller yard or lack of a fence. For a high-energy dog they can be real bonus!

How close is the house to an animal clinic?

Does your dog gets anxious riding in the car? Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk your dog there?

How close is the house to a 24-hour emergency animal hospital?

Most of us take good care of our pets but accidents happen, and even the luckiest dog will require more and/or more urgent treatment as they grow older.

Dog-friendly neighbors are important.

Take your dog for a walk in your target neighborhood.  It’s a good sign if there are other dog walkers around or if people come out to say “hi” and give your dog a pat. Some neighbors may be willing to share dog care during vacations and in emergencies. And if a dog goes missing?! A neighborhood of fellow dog lovers is easy to rally to your aid.

Is there a dog-walking service in the area?

If you work outside your home, especially if you have  long commute, a reliable dog walker might make for less messy homecomings and a much happier pooch.

A walk-in shower with detachable sprayer is soooo handy.

This is not a deal breaker when buying a house, but hey, it sure comes in handy when your dog rolls in mud – or something worse! Just think – no lifting into a tub. Dogs walk right into the shower (especially if a hot dog is involved).

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