Credit Cards Are Better At PCCU!

Are you looking for a better credit card? Look no further than PCCU, we’ve got great credit card options that will fit most members’ needs!

PCCU Red Rewards Card
PCCU Platinum Rewards Visa

PCCU Platinum Rewards Visa

Our Visa credit cards come in two flavors, our Platinum Rewards card and our Platinum Low Rate card. If you pay off your card each month on your way to racking up rewards points our Rewards card is for you. You’ll earn lots of points that you can use for shopping, travel, and event tickets. The more you use the card the more rewards you earn!


PCCU Black Non-Rewards Card
PCCU Platinum Low Rate Credit Card



PCCU Platinum Low Rate Credit Card

We also offer the Platinum Low Rate card for those that need to carry a balance occasionally but still want the best rate around. Our lower rates will save you money month after month over the big bank’s credit card.


Whichever flavor you choose you’ll still get

  • Great personal service – whether in person or over the phone we’re here to help!
  • Hometown decisions – where you’re more than just a credit score and a real live local human being will make the decision, not a computer running an algorithm.
  • No annual fee – just another great benefit of membership.

Are you ready to switch to Platinum Visa Credit Card from PCCU? Apply today, or call us with questions at 800-582-7228. We’re ready to help you make the change!