COVID-19 Response: October Update

As the leaves begin falling and the crops come in, the doors at all PCCU offices remain closed in response to the ongoing pandemic. We continue serving members through drive-up lanes at all locations, as well as by electronic means and in-person by appointment; a plan we will continue for the foreseeable future. We miss your smiles and laughter in our offices, and we’d love nothing more than to welcome you back in. However, the health and safety of our staff and members always comes first.

Masks offer a level of protection from COVID-19 for those around the wearer. Unfortunately, they also offer cover to those who might use it to attempt a robbery. If our doors were open it would be more difficult to protect staff and members against both illness and the possibility of robbery and violence.

If a member of staff became ill, we would face the prospect of having to close the impacted branch for several weeks while they attempt to recover and the remainder of the staff quarantined to prevent any further spread. Only a small fraction of our normal services would be available from the closed branch in this scenario, mostly from the ATM. Keeping the lobbies closed is a good compromise to insure we can continue to serve the majority of members with the least inconvenience and danger.

In the meantime, if you have business that needs to be handled in-person we will gladly make an appointment for you to come in and see us. You’ll need to wear a mask while you’re in the office and fill out an informational form prior to entry to assess the risk. We’ll respect your safety by wearing masks during your visit. Just give us a call at 800-582-7228.

We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to work with us through these trying times. The day when we can throw open our doors again can’t come soon enough, but by working together to respect and protect one another we’ll be able to serve almost everyone while keeping us all as safe as possible.