COVID-19 Response: November Update

In October a member of the PCCU staff in New Castle tested positive for COVID-19. This necessitated closing the branch on Monday, October 26th to allow the other staff members to get tested for the virus. Thanks to the good work of the folks at Henry Community Health they were all able to get tested and cleared within a day, enabling us to re-open the drive through safely on Tuesday, the 27th.

Because we’ve kept the lobbies closed in all of our offices we were able to re-open safely while limiting the inconvenience to members. Had the lobbies been open we would have had to keep the office closed for a longer period of time, as well as having to contact many members and advise them to get tested. While keeping the doors closed and the drive-up lanes open is not our first choice our experience bears out that for now it’s the best choice available. This experience proved the wisdom of limiting access to the lobbies, which while not our first choice for doing business, is currently the service model available.

We’ll be overjoyed on the day when we can throw the doors open and welcome everyone back in with a handshake or a hug. Unfortunately, that day is not today. For now, we’ll continue to operate digitally, by drive-up, and by appointment for the safety and peace of mind of both members and staff.