Covid-19 Response: May Update

As we continue to deal with the realities of life in the time of Covid-19 we want members to know where we are and what they can expect as we go forward. We appreciate the patience you’ve shown and your willingness to adapt to changing conditions! Members have remained overwhelmingly positive and understanding, which has made things much easier.

For the near future our lobbies will remain closed to minimize the risk of staff and members of exposure to the virus. We will continue to accept appointments inside for business that can’t be handled online, over the phone, or through the drive-up lanes. However, we encourage you to work with us to find an alternative where possible. With the ability to securely transfer documents online, as well as sign them electronically, we’re able to bypass many in-person meetings.

We are working to prepare for the day when the risk abates and we can reopen our lobbies. We’re looking at a number of adaptations that support social distancing and direct protection. Regardless of the changes that may come, we won’t waver in our commitment to serving you with care and respect. If we continue to stick together and rise to the challenge that day will come sooner.