COVID-19 Response: July

As July begins, we come together to celebrate the birth of our nation two hundred and forty-four years ago. We also come together as a nation mourning those among us lost this year to the pandemic. Our grandmothers and fathers, who raised us with love. Our health care workers, doctors and nurses who treated us despite the danger to themselves. Our essential workers, drivers and grocery store staff, who have kept us fed. And the countless others claimed by COVID’s touch.

With reverence to those we have lost and a desire to keep from adding to the number, the management team of PCCU has decided to continue serving members through electronic means, drive-up lanes, and by appointment. We feel this is the best way to protect both staff and members, whose health and welfare is our foremost concern. While we long for the day when members can again drop in for a face to face transaction, a chat, and a smile, that day is not today. Our continued collective patience and perseverance will help that day come sooner.

This will allow us to continue to serve you with less chance of a major service interruption that would result from a branch being closed while staff and/or members self-quarantine after an exposure or even an illness.

In the meantime, we will be investing in ways to serve you more efficiently. This includes improving our drive-ups so that more staff can be safely devoted to serving your needs with less wait. We will also expand our electronic service to include text messaging. You may now send text messages to us at 800-582-7228 or to our branch local numbers during business hours and look forward to our rapid response.

Additionally, we’ll continue to take in-branch appointments for service for that is difficult to complete by other means. We recognize that while we are able to do many things electronically or through drive-up, sometimes in order to meet your needs, we need to be face-to-face with appropriate precautions in place.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation here locally, as well as regionally and nationally. We’ll also continue to look for improvements that allow us to reopen our doors safely. Until then, we’ll work on improving our efficiency and continue to serve you day in and day out without compromising our shared health.