COVID-19: March 2021 Update

As March dawns and we see the first signs of spring we have numerous reasons for hope. Right now, Hoosiers age 60 and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, along with health care workers and first responders. This is good news for not only Hoosiers in general, but also PCCU members. As the supply of vaccines grows, and more of us become eligible for them, we’re getting closer to the day we can re-open our lobbies!

The declining infection rates in Wayne and Henry counties are another cause for hope. As of this writing Wayne county is blue on Indiana’s COVID map. Henry county has also improved to yellow. The lower the threat for community spread, the sooner we can reopen.

Finally, you, our members are our biggest reason for hope! You have adjusted to do most of your business online, by phone, or through our drive-ups. Your flexibility and understanding have allowed us to serve you with only a few, limited interruptions in service. So far, never more than a branch at a time, and never for longer than a day. Your willingness to work with us through these unprecedented times has been nothing short of remarkable and we’re thankful! The end is almost in sight and if we keep hanging together we’ll get there soon.