Christmas Club for 2020

With almost twelve full months until Christmas 2020 now is the perfect time to open a Christmas Club account! You’ll have all year to contribute paycheck by paycheck and insure that your next Christmas will be merry and bright.

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It’s easy to have a portion of your direct deposit go straight to your Christmas Club, just stop in and have us update your direct deposit to have a portion go into it. You can have as much or as little as you like put into it automatically every time you get paid. Just put it on autopilot and on November 1st you’ll find all that money transferred into your regular share account!

Or if you’d rather have a bit more control you can set up a reoccurring  transfer to your Christmas Club through PCCU AllWays Online Banking. Just log in and click on the Transfers tab. Then select the account you’d like the money to come from, the amount, and the frequency. Then if you need to pause, stop, reconfigure the transfer you can do it at your convenience through online banking.

Another way you can make contributions automatically is with our Ultimate Saver program. Sign up in any branch and you can have your PCCU Visa debit card* purchases rounded up to the next dollar. The difference will be deposited in the PCCU savings account of your choice, in this case the Christmas Club. Spend and save at the same time!

Sign up today in your branch or by sending us a secure message through PCCU AllWays Mobile or Online Banking. Start saving now and make Christmas 2020 a breeze!

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*Ultimate Saver is only available to members with PCCU’s Ultimate Checking and debit card. PCCU Blackbird Reloadable Debit Cards do not have this feature.