Card Security App & Instant Issue: PCCU’s Fraud Fighting Combo

Like many other credit unions, we use powerful algorithms to detect and stop fraud on your PCCU debit card. Unlike a lot of institutions PCCU has invested in several powerful tools to help members fight and quickly recover from debit card fraud.

The first line of prevention is the PCCU Card Security app for your smart phone. After a quick set up you can set up your own personally tailored security fence around your card, setting geographic and monetary limits. You can have it deny any transactions outside of your current state, or transactions above a particular dollar threshold, or both. For example, you could deny transactions for more than $500, or transactions outside of Indiana, or even transactions above $500 that are from outside Indiana.

Or you can have it text you when a transaction occurs, typically before you even leave a store. You can turn your cards off until you can either figure out what the transaction was and whether it was legitimate, or if the card needs to be shut down permanently. If you lose track of your card the app can turn it off until you can find it or contact us to kill it remotely. You can even use it like a lockbox and keep your card off until you want to use it, only turning it on to complete a transaction.

You can even tether your card(s) to your phone and not allow transactions outside of your phone’s immediate location. Plus, you can also use the app with your PCCU Visa Platinum credit card!

The second half of our security tag team is our ability to Instant Issue debit cards. If you suspect your card may have been lost or compromised you can stop by any of our offices to have your card replaced on the spot, typically in less than ten minutes. Now you don’t have to worry about waiting two weeks to get a new, secure card in your wallet. It’s also a convenient way to replace a broken or worn-out card that’s unreliable.

We take member security and convenience seriously at PCCU, which is why we invest in things like the Card Security app and Instant Issue. We’re always looking for new ways to improve your experience!

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