Banzai! Is Here For You

PCCU has partnered with Banzai! for years to help put financial literacy education courses and materials in the hands of local teachers and students. This partnership has helped teach kids in Wayne and Henry county schools about some of the basics like earning and saving money, making and sticking to financial priorities, and goal setting. All provided by Banzai! to them at no charge, paid for in full by PCCU.

Now Banzai! has expanded the depth and breadth of their materials with articles, coaching sessions, calculators, simulators, and more all for adults. Many of us got out of school with little or no financial literacy education, and sometimes as adults we’re too embarrassed to ask “stupid questions” about financial topics we “should already know”. Well now you can get answers without fear of asking “silly questions” at the Banzai! Financial Literacy Center.

Covering topics like saving, buying your first home, teaching your children about money, preparing for retirement, and much more, there’s something for everyone! It’s free to members and non-members alike, so if you have friends or relatives that bank elsewhere but could use some help with their finances you can refer them there. Check out the Banzai! Financial Literacy Center today!