Avoid Fraud in 2023!

Have you recently received a text stating that your “Visa has been shut off” and you need to call or text a number?  Have you received an email asking you to “Click this link” to verify any information?  Have you received texts that start off as an “accidental” text that might have been sent to the wrong person and then they want to carry on a conversation with you?  There are many different types of scams out there that are focused on getting your account information.  Here are some things you should know about some of the scams out there.

Phishing – If someone calls, texts, emails, or mails you asking for your personal information, such as your social security number, credit card number, bank account info, passwords, etc….DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM!  Even if the message appears to come from a known company or claim to be from a trusted source, they may be scamming you in order to steal your identity or money.  This is known as phishing.  Make sure to carefully consider whether the link you have been sent is authentic.  You may want to personally reach out to the business or agency using a known phone or website instead of accepting the unsolicited contact.  Most legitimate companies will not contact you this way asking for personal information.

Shopping Spree Scams – You get an email offering you a “$500 shopping spree” (or other amount).  They say they’re from a well-known company.  They ask for your bank account number in order to collect a small fee.  They say the fee is for shipping and handling of your vouchers.  DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM!  Never disclose financial information to unsolicited callers or emails for any reason whatsoever. Shopping spree promotions are usually fake.

Romance Scams – These days, millions of people are turning to dating apps and social networks to meet people.  Unfortunately, scammers are ready to trick you into anything but romance.  You meet someone special on a dating app.  They take the time to learn about you and build up your trust.  Next thing you know, they have some type of “emergency” and ask you to send them money.  Or, they want to help you by having you invest money and they just need you to send them money to get you started.  NEVER SEND MONEY OR GIFTS TO A SWEETHEART YOU HAVEN’T MET IN PERSON!

“Your Visa Has Been Shut Off” – Recently there were scams going around where members would receive text messages stating that their Visa Debit Card had been shut off and they needed to contact a specific number in order to get their card turned back on.  DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER!  They are attempting to access your account information to “turn you card back on” when, in reality, it is a scam to get your account information.

These are just a few of many scams out there today.  If you are ever in doubt, call us directly at 800-582-7228 or after hours at 866-550-1680!  You can also download PCCU’s Card Security App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  PCCU’s Card Security App incudes many great features for fighting fraud including turning your card off and on; set up spending thresholds; and initiate disputes when you suspect fraud.