At PCCU You Can Do Better: Free BillPay

At PCCU you can do better! We offer our Ultimate Checking, which is free when you select estatements. But did you know it also includes free BillPay? Yes, you read that right, BillPay is free!

So why is BillPay such a big deal? It puts you back in charge of paying your bills. When you allow your creditors to take the payments out on their schedule it’s a big hassle trying to get them to stop from processing a payment when you run out of money before you run out of month. They may or may not be able to stop it in time, or you have to come in to sign for a stop payment in person. With BillPay you decide when to make the payment, you can stop it and reschedule it when you’re ready.  If there is a problem or dispute with a service provider, or you are ready to switch providers, you can just cancel any future payments without the hassle of trying to stop your old provider from taking any more money.

Plus, no more stamps or writing checks. Many creditors and service providers already accept direct electronic payments through BillPay. If they don’t  BillPay will print a check and mail it to them, either way you skip the hassle of running to the post office.

Not to mention the flexibility to schedule payments to reoccur monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly; or make each individual payment for bills that change from month to month (credit cards, utilities, etc.). The power is in your hands. Plus you can access BillPay on the go through PCCU AllWays Mobile Banking. Standing in line or sitting in a waiting room? You can pay bills then and be free to enjoy the rest of your day.

Get more info on BillPay or ask us today, so you can do better at PCCU!

@ PCCU You Can Do Better