@PCCU You Can Do Better: Credit Rebuilding

At many financial institutions they will look at your credit score, and if it doesn’t meet their cutoff they will simply say, “No.”. At PCCU you can do better. We say, “No, but…”.  If we have to turn down your application, we will tell you why, as well as what you can do to improve your credit so that we can say, “Yes.”, when you have done the work.

@ PCCU You Can Do Better

Rebuilding your credit is not always easy, but at PCCU we believe in second chances and the power of education. We will help review your credit report, show you what you need to improve, and help you make a plan to improve it. We can’t do the heavy lifting, that is up to you. But what we can do is be your partner and give you advice and support along the way. It’s what we mean when we say we believe in working together. And together we can all do better.

Have questions about rebuilding your credit? Email or call Dava Dale, your Credit Union Concierge, today at 765-969-8675. She will help you take the first steps towards rebuilding your credit.