Ten & Done

Refinance Your Way to Freedom with our Ten & Done Refi Special

Freedom to…
  • Put the kids through school
  • Get ahead
  • Consolidate debt
  • Retire in Style
  • Do what you want!

What does the next chapter of your life look like? Are you planning for retirement? Figuring out how to pay for college expenses? Getting all your debts paid down?


How about planning to be mortgage free?

With PCCU’s Ten & Done Refi Special you can pay off your home loan in only ten short years AND save thousands in interest! The low 2.75% rate and ten year term will:

  • Shorten the Term – Puts Your Freedom From Mortgage Debt In Sight!
  • Lower Your Interest Rate – You Save Money!
  • Pay Less Interest Overall – You Save Even More Money!
  • Help you start the next chapter of your life mortgage free!


For Example…

Mike & Donna bought their home in Centerville in 2013, financing $125,000 at 6.00%. After seven years of payments they have paid about $50,500 in interest and still owe $112,049. Plus they will be making payments for another 23 years. By the time they pay it off in 2043 they will have paid about  another $94,000 in interest. With a Ten & Done, they can be mortgage free in 2030 and save about $77,000 in interest!

Don’t be chained to your home loan for thirty years, choose freedom with PCCU’s Ten & Done!

Talk to Amy Clark, your home loan expert at PCCU, and find out if a Ten & Done is right for you. This offer ends on July 15th, so act now to save time and money on your mortgage!

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Rate is 2.75%, Term of 120 payments, Max LTV of 80%, Requires credit score of 720 or higher, Primary residences in Wayne, Henry, Randolph, Delaware, Madison, Hancock, Rush, Fayette, or Union Counties ONLY, Max loan amount $200,000. Must qualify for PCCU membership. Offer good until July 15th, 2020. Terms and conditions subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Proud Equal Opportunity Lender.