PCCU Employment Application

Background Check Authorization


TITLE: Chief Executive Officer

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors


Plan, direct and control all credit union activities in accordance with credit union plans, policies, Governance Policies, directives and activities as established by the board of directors. Be responsible for ensuring financial stability and member satisfaction commensurate with the best interest of the members, employees and credit union.  Provide strategic direction, vision, leadership and management in all functional areas.


  1. Direct all credit union operations, which include planning and implementing programs, policies and procedures.
  2. Individually and/or through subordinates, provide strategic and/or administrative direction and management in all credit union functions to include: accounting, ALM, business development, compliance, facilities management, finance, human resources, investments, lending, marketing, operations, retail services, risk management, and security.
  3. Responsible for conducting themselves in a professional manner consistent with the credit union’s image and mission statement; treating members, colleagues and subordinates with the utmost respect, courtesy and sensitivity to their privacy.
  4. Promote products and services, provide outstanding member service, and achieve the goals of the credit union..
  5. Develop, recommend, and implement financial policies and procedures.
  6. Ensure that the credit union is in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulatory agencies as applicable.
  7. Recruit and select quality applicants for management vacancies, ensuring that the credit union is adequately staffed with competent employees.
  8. Supervise a budget for the credit union that is consistent with the overall strategic plan.
  9. Evaluate the job performance of credit union management to ensure quality service to members.
  10. Conduct management meetings on a regular basis to insure the dissemination of information, exchange of ideas, resolution of problems, discussion of trends, etc. Ensure that the information is communicated throughout the credit union.
  11. Ensure adequate equipment, supplies and working space is available.
  12. Conduct business development activities to promote the growth and development of the credit union, build positive relationships with the field of membership and with appropriate trade associations and organizations.
  13. Present compensation philosophy to the Board. Plan and establish appropriate wage and salary structure in accordance with that philosophy.
  14. Plan and oversee the employee benefit program, balancing internal demands and equity in the marketplace and costs.
  15. Manage security and safety for the credit union, with responsibility to analyze security and safety policies and procedures and alert staff of any changes in a timely manner.
  16. To report to the Board on a monthly basis the condition of the credit union and any items needing the Boards’ attention.


Minimum requirements for this position include:

  • Preferred are to have 5 or more years managerial/supervisory experience in public or private financial management.
  • Preferred is a bachelor’s degree in finance.
  • General knowledge of the principles and practices of financial administration.
  • Knowledge of sound techniques in all aspects of financial management.
  • Ability to develop long-term plans and program and to evaluate work accomplishments.
  • Ability to present facts and recommendations effectively in oral and written form.
  • Must be able to pay close attention to details.


Will demonstrate leadership, promoting a positive environment and culture at PCCU through communication and relationships with staff along with PCCU members and other members of the community.  This is accomplished through visibility in all PCCU branch offices, connection with credit union and community members and active involvement in community organizations and activities.


The Chief Executive Officer is an Exempt position, Grade I. This is a full-time position.  The starting, mid-point and maximum annual salaries are based on the current Perfect Circle Credit Union Salary Administration schedule as approved by the Board.

Contact: Dava Dale


Closing: 12/01/2020