PCCU Celebrates 85 Years of Service

PCCU has proudly served it’s members for eighty-five years. Our tradition of co-operative service was built on one member after another finding value in the financial products and services we offer, as well as all the basics, and passing it along to new members. Basics like cashing their paychecks without judging them on how neat their work clothes are, or shaking a hand covered in the honest grime of a long shift in the factory. Or our willingness to listen to our members and work with them to solve their problems and achieve their goals. Whether it’s a short term problem like borrowing enough money to get through to the next pay day, or helping save for Christmas; or long term like buying a home, saving for retirement, or working with them when their work hours get cut or lay offs hit.

We take pride in giving working men and women a place where they will be treated with courtesy and respect, and in being an institution that’s always willing to offer a hand up with financial education, counseling, and the right financial products at fair prices. It’s been an honor serving the working families of Wayne and Henry Counties for eighty-five years, and we look forward to another eighty-five.

If you feel that PCCU has been a help to you, please consider referring us to a friend, family member, or co-worker. There is no higher compliment you can give.

So in the co-operative spirit, rather than spend money on radio or billboards, we’d like to give that money to our members. So for every new member that you refer to us, we’ll pay you $25!

How does this work? The next time you come in, ask for some New Member Referral Cards and add your name to them as the “Current Member”. Then pass them on to anyone who qualifies for membership who could use a checking account that pays 3% or needs a great rate on a loan. They’ll add their name as a “New Member”, and bring in that card when they open their account and give it to the MSR who opens it. After the account is open for 30 days, we’ll deposit $25 in both your account and the new member’s account.

To sweeten that deal even further, we’ll be doing quarterly drawings from all of the members who refer new members. We’ll choose one of our referring members at random to win $1,000. Every new member you refer increases your odds of winning. Get your cards and begin referring today!

New member must be 18 years or older and deposit $25 into new share account. If the new share account is closed prior to 30 days the referral will not be paid, in addition to forfeiting the $25 share deposit for closing a new account prior to being open for 90 days. This offer may be withdrawn without prior notice, and does not apply to additional accounts or anyone who has caused PCCU an unrecovered loss.

PCCU Auto Loan Pre-Approvals Avoid the Financing Headaches 

Considering buying a new car, truck, or motorcycle? It’s exciting thinking about driving off the lot in your brand new ride! Wouldn’t it be nice to skip one of the least fun parts of the process, dealing with the financing in the dealership? It’s hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal, whether you’re getting the best rate you qualify for, what kind of options you have for GAP, Life and Disability Insurance; not to mention not knowing who you’re going to have to make payments to and work with for the next five or six years. So now PCCU is offering an extra incentive to skip the dealership’s finance department.

You can apply for an auto loan pre-approval on a new vehicle, whether online or in person, then meet with one of our loan officers. They’ll go over the loan options and rates you qualify for, and help you decide how much you can afford while staying within your budget. Plus they’ll help you determine the value of any vehicle you’re trading in using the National Auto Dealers Association (or NADA) guide, so you can avoid lowball offers.

Our Loan Officers will also analyze your credit report and offer advice on tuning up your credit score. They’ll even do a comparison to see if you you could save money by refinancing your other loans to PCCU.

We’ll sweeten the deal by depositing $50* in your PCCU account. You’ll be ready to find the perfect car, truck, or motorcycle without having to worry about whether you can make the payments, if you can get the best rate, and get a good deal on GAP insurance.

Ready to make your appointment? Call or email your Member Relationship Manager, Dava Dale at 765-969-8675, or email her at ddale@pccu.com. She’ll answer your questions and get you started today. Want to get your application started? You can do that here.

*Must have an Experian Credit Score of 640 and qualify 2 for a new auto loan to receive the $50 incentive.


Whether You're Buying for the First Time or Refinancing, PCCU is Ready to Help with Home Loans


If You're Buying for the First Time....

So you’ve been waiting to get into the home buying market. Maybe you’ve been trying to save up for a down payment. Or you’ve been trying to pay down your student loans. Or you just haven’t felt real sure about the market. Well the time is good for getting off of the sidelines and into your first home.

But you’re not sure where to begin. Do you find a realtor, or should you apply for a home loan, or just start browsing listings on Zillow? Before you take your first dip into the housing market, come in and talk to our home loan expert, Amy Clark. Amy has more than twenty years of lending experience, and she’s ready to help you take on the challenge of buying your first home. She will go through all the potential pitfalls of credit and funding to make sure you’re ready. From helping you pull and analyze your credit report, to explaining the terminology and alphabet soup of home loans, to presenting the best home loan options to meet your needs.

When you’re ready, Amy will pre-qualify you for a home loan, so that realtors will take you seriously. Once you’ve found the right home, she’ll process your application and shepherd it through the approval process, communicating every step of the way so that you know what’s going on and what’s likely to happen next. She’ll even come to your closing to answer any last minute questions you might have, and to help you get automatic payments set up.

And after you’ve moved in, she’ll still be here if you need help. Whether you have questions about PMI, taxes, or mortgage interest, Amy will be there for you. If you’re ready to get into your first home, call or email Amy for an appointment today at 765-489-4571 ext. 255 or aclark@pccu.com. She’s ready to help you! To find out more about current rates and loan options, or even to start your application, visit our mortgage site.

If You've Put Off a Refi....

If you’ve held off from a home loan refinance during the last few years there may still be time to lower your interest rate and save yourself some money. Home prices have begun to pick up steam in the last couple of years as people have gone back to work and gotten back into the housing market. Millenials have also been buying homes at higher rates, increasing the overall demand. Because of this renewed activity and demand, many homes whose value dropped during the Great Recession have begun to recover the equity they lost, and in many cases have added additional value as well.

People who have been stuck in higher interest pre-Recession loans are now discovering that they are no longer locked in. Home loan rates aren’t at the bottom any more, but they’re still historically low. Many people who have faithfully paid their loans can now shave a point or two off their interest rate in a refinance. This means home owners could lower their payments, shorten the terms of their loans, or in some cases both; while lowering the overall interest they’ll have to pay.

Our Home Loan Expert, Amy Clark, is ready to sit down with you and assess whether you might benefit from a home loan refinance, and show you what your likely options are. She’ll help you decide whether it’s worth it to you, in both the long and short term to refinance your home. You can make an appointment today by calling Amy at 765-489-4571, ext 255, or by emailing her at aclark@pccu.com. To find out more about current rates and loan options, or even to start your application, visit our mortgage site.

EMV Debit Cards Are Live 

By now you should have already received your new PCCU EMV Visa Debit Card and PIN in the mail if your Share Draft account is open and your account is in good standing. You'll need that PIN when you take the new card to an ATM (any ATM will work) to activate it, after which you may also change the PIN to something more personal. Please activate your card at your earliest convenience, as we'll deactivate the old Non-EMV debit cards on Thursday, May 25th at 10:00 am.

Once you've activated the EMV card please shred or destroy your old card and dispose of it in a safe manner. You're welcome to drop it off with us when you activate the EMV card, including placing it in an envelope marked, "Replaced by EMV", and dropping it in our night deposit boxes. We'll be happy to take care of it for you.

You'll also need to update any recurring debits or subscriptions you had authorized with your old card number, i.e. paying for Netflix or your cable subscription. Or with any merchants you have given your card number that store it in your account, like Amazon.com.

If we had an incorrect address for you, your card has likely been returned to our main office in Hagerstown, if you haven't received your card by, Friday, May 5th, please contact us at your earliest convenience to check. If we have your card, we'll transfer it to the closest branch, or if it hasn't been returned we can cancel it and order you another once you've updated your address with us (either by online or mobile banking, or in person).

When you use the new card at a merchant who has enabled their EMV Chip Reader you'll need to follow these steps below:

If they don't have an EMV reader, or haven't activated it, you may swipe the card as you're used to doing. Just select credit whenever possible.

Please remember to activate your new EMV debit card by Thursday, May 25th, 2017, as we'll deactivate all non-EMV debit cards at 10:00 am that day.

We appreciate your assistance and patience with this changeover. We're hoping to reduce the amount of fraud that we must absorb and write-off as losses. It should also allow us to lift many of the restrictions that we've had to impose to prevent fraud. This will benefit all members by allowing us to pay better interest rates on deposits, offer lower interest rates on loans, and/or helping us avoid raising or creating new fees to offset the losses from fraud. If you have any questions about the new EMV debit cards, see the F.A.Q below or feel free to call your closest branch or send it via online or mobile banking.

Sincerely, The PCCU Management Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Will I get a new PIN?
Yes, a new PIN has been randomly assigned and mailed to you in a separate envelope.

2.) Can I change my PIN back to my old PIN?
Yes, provided it's not a part of your Social Security Number. Once you activate the card at an ATM you should be able to change the PIN, just follow the menu options.

3.) How long is my old card good for?
Regardless of the date emprinted on your card, it will be deactived at 10:00 am on Thursday, May 25th.

4.) What if my new EMV card doesn't arrive before you deactivate my old card?
If you don't have your new card in hand by Thursday, May 25th, we can provide you with a pre-paid debit card for your convenience until your EMV card arrives. However, you will have to come in to one of our offices to get it.

5.) Will the USPS forward my EMV card to me if I haven't given PCCU my new address?
No, we don't want them to take a chance on delivering it to the wrong address, and if the address on your account is incorrect, the USPS will deliver your new EMV card to the Main Office of PCCU in Hagerstown.


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