EMV Debit Cards Are Coming In October

If you have a PCCU Visa Debit Card that's attached to your Ultimate Checking account, it's about to get an upgrade! In late October we'll replace all outstanding and active PCCU Visa Debit Cards with EMV Chip Cards. These new cards will hit your wallet just in time for extra protection while you're doing your holiday shopping!

The new EMV Chip Cards contain a smart chip that authenticates your card number at the point of sale. It also makes it more difficult for fraudsters to capture and duplicate a fraudulent card from the information on the chip. This method of chip technology has been tried and tested abroad for years and helps to reduce fraud for in-person transactions.

At this time not every merchant has chip-enabled card readers, and not every merchant who has the readers has turned them on yet. To allow you to use your card anywhere Visa is accepted, regardless of the merchant's equipment, there is still a magnetic stripe on them to allow them to be swiped the way you're used to using it.

The new cards will have new numbers, and should start showing up in mailboxes in Mid-October. So now is great time to update your address with us (either in person, or via online/mobile banking) to make sure the new card comes directly to you. The new cards will also all have new numbers. This gives you extra protection for the holidays, but will require you to update the card number with any creditors/vendors who you've set up re-occurring payments/purchases with. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we want you to have as safe a shopping experience as you can have this holiday season and this will prevent scammers from using any current card numbers that they may captured in a breach. Santa's job is tough enough without adding fraud or compromised cards to it!

Check out our quarterly newsletter next month for more information!

PCCU Gives Back to Local Communities 

August was a month for PCCU to get involved and give back to some of the local communities we serve. In Hagerstown, PCCU was proud to be the main sponsor of the Nettle Creek Lions Club's Jubilee Days Celebration. Jubilee Days are held annually on the third weekend of August and celebrate the waning days of summer. They are also a chance for the Lions Club to raise money for their good works. The money they earn that weekend helps fund things like vision screenings in local schools, as well as vision care and eye wear for those in the community that may otherwise have to go without. Additionally, they support programs like Leader Dogs, as well as recreation, training, and support for the blind and visually impaired.

In addition to sponsoring the event, PCCU also took part. Under the leadership of our Branch Manager in New Castle (Hagerstown resident) Brad Brewer, PCCU marched in the parade on Saturday, August 20th with a bed float decorated by Mary Irvin (Hagerstown MSR & resident). They were joined by Hagerstown residents Zach White (Collections Manager) and Josh Haney (Marketing).

In the afternoon, the team braved the rain to race their bed against teams fielded by other local businesses and groups. They received help from a young gentleman named Michael, a volunteer from the Hagerstown Boys Basketball team. Despite a great effort, the PCCU team was eliminated after several heats, and enjoyed the remaining races alongside a crowd undeterred by a few brief rain showers.

If you're looking for a fun family outing next August, you may want to consider coming out to Jubilee Days! Or if you're just looking for a good way to get involved in helping make Hagerstown a better place you can visit the Nettle Creek Lions Club on Facebook

PCCU was also proud to sponsor a low cost vaccination clinic, run by the H.E.L.P. the Animals Shelter in Richmond. H.E.L.P. the Animals is a no-kill shelter that helps to save lost, abandoned, and neglected animals by caring for them and helping them find forever homes. As part of their outreach they offer vaccination clinics that allow local pet-owners to have their pets shots brought up to date for rabies, distemper, and other diseases for the low price of $10 each. PCCU sponsored their Summer Vaccination Clinic held on August 20th at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

For more information about how you can adopt a pet from, volunteer for, or donate to this non-profit group doing good work in our community visit them here: HELPtheanimals.com


PCCU Wants to Send You to the Indy Boat & RV Show!


Do you enjoy spending time outdoors with your family? You can check out the latest and greatest, boats, campers, and RVs that will get you off the couch and enjoying the great outdoors as a family! PCCU would like to send you to the Indy Boat & RV Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds! The show starts Friday, September 23rd and runs through Sunday, September 25th. The show features one of the largest collection of boats, campers, and RVs all in one place, just what you need to cut the cord, get your faces away from the screens and make some memories.

Starting September 1st, members who apply for a pre-approval for a boat, camper, or RV loan will receive a four pack of tickets to Indy Boat & RV Show. Our loan officers will review your application, after which they will go over it with you and give you your tickets. There is no obligation to purchase, it's our way of saying thank you for your valuable time. You may apply in-person, through PCCU Allways Online Banking or online at our website here

Check out our low rates on boats, campers, and RVs here.

Check out more info about the Indy Fall Boat & RV show here.



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