A Referral Worth $1,000

Member Betty Knipp and Credit Union Concierge Dava Dale

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. At PCCU referring a new member can be worth $1,000. We've been rewarding our current members for referring new members this year and as part of that program we did a drawing from all of the members who made referrals between January and June.

Betty Knipp, a long-time member, referred a new member to us earlier this year. When Credit Union Concierge Dava Dale called her to tell her that she had won our drawing Betty was surprised. When she met with Dava on August 3rd to receive her check she still hadn't made any plans on how to spend it, she was still getting over the shock!

And we're going to draw a $1,000 winner each quarter through at least the end of the year, so you still have time to make referrals and qualify for the Third Quarter drawing that will be held at the end of October.

Who do you know that would benefit from a lower rate on a loan? Who do you know that would enjoy more interest paid on their savings? Refer them to PCCU, and you could both earn $25, and you might also win $1,000. Stop in today to get your Referral Cards and bring more people into the "perfect" circle of cooperative membership.

How does this work? The next time you come in, ask for some New Member Referral Cards and add your name to them as the “Current Member”. Then pass them on to anyone who qualifies for membership who could use a checking account that pays 3% or needs a great rate on a loan. They’ll add their name as a “New Member”, and bring in that card when they open their account and give it to the MSR who opens it. After the account is open for 30 days, we’ll deposit $25 in both your account and the new member’s account.

To sweeten that deal even further, we’ll be doing quarterly drawings from all of the members who refer new members. We’ll choose one of our referring members at random to win $1,000. Every new member you refer increases your odds of winning. Get your cards and begin referring today!

New member must be 18 years or older and deposit $25 into new share account. If the new share account is closed prior to 30 days the referral will not be paid, in addition to forfeiting the $25 share deposit for closing a new account prior to being open for 90 days. This offer may be withdrawn without prior notice, and does not apply to additional accounts or anyone who has caused PCCU an unrecovered loss.

New Auto Loan Preapproval: Get a great rate and $50 

Apply for an auto loan preapproval on a new vehicle, online or in person, then meet with one of our loan officers. They'll go over the loan terms and rates you qualify for, and help you decide how much you can afford while staying within your budget. Plus they'll help you determine the value of your trade-in vehicle so you can avoid lowball offers.

Our Loan Officer will also analyze your credit report and offer advice on tuning up your credit score. They'll even do a comparison to see if you could save money by refinancing your other loans to PCCU. Then we'll deposit $50* in your PCCU account. You'll be ready to find the perfect new car, truck, or motorcycle with PCCU on your side to help you get a great deal!

Ready to make your appointment? Email or call your Credit Union Concierge Dava Dale today at 765-969-8675. She'll answer your questions and get you started today. Want to get your application started? You can do that here.

*Must have an Experian Credit Score of 640 (or higher) and qualify for a new auto loan to receive the $50 incentive.


PCCU Partnered with H.E.L.P. the Animals Shelter


The staff and volunteers of the HELP the Animals shelter hosted a low cost pet vaccination at the Wayne County Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 12th. From 1:00 pm until after 4:00 pm Dr. Jessica Brissey vaccinated local dogs and cats against a number of diseases, including rabies.

Bailey Waiting Her Turn

Volunteer and H.E.L.P. Board of Directors Vice President Michele Curry said, "we had a very nice turnout and insured many dogs and cats will have longer, healthier lives.". With sponsorship from Perfect Circle Credit Union to help defray the costs of putting on the clinic, the shelter is able to use the money generated by the event to fund their operations and maintain a no-kill shelter to serve the Richmond community.

Momma's Girl Saying Hello

HELP the animals provides local pet owners with four clinics a year where they can have their pets inoculated for only $10 per disease. It's an inexpensive way to insure that beloved dogs and cats are safe from diseases like rabies, distemper, and parvo. They also provide additional services like flea treatments and micro chipping of pets, at reduced rates. These clinics are open to the public.

If you are interested in volunteering, donating to HELP the Animals, inc., or wish to find the date of the next Vaccination Clinic you can do so by visiting their website at helptheanimals.com or by connecting with them on Facebook. HELP the Animals, inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Want Free Tickets to Indy Fall Boat & RV Show? 

You know that PCCU has great rates on auto loans. But did you know PCCU also offers great rates on RVs, Boats, & Campers? Not only great rates, but also flexible terms to make your next adventure more affordable.

We're so excited by our rates that we're going to give away tickets to the Indianapolis Fall Boat & RV Show. It's being held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds September 22nd, 23rd, & 24th. Come in and let one of our loan officers preapprove you for a loan on an RV, Boat, or Camper now through September 23rd and we'll give you a four pack of tickets to the show. Then you can shop a huge array of outdoor adventure with the confidence of already having your financing in place.

Supplies of tickets are limited. Submit your application, or call or email Dava Dale, your Credit Union Concierge at 765-969-8675 with your questions today!


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