Pam Tucker

Looking Forward & Looking Back

Pam is retiring in February

Much has changed at Perfect Circle Credit Union since Pam Tucker joined the staff as Vice President of Finance in 1989. The credit union bought it's first PC. We've upgraded our banking software five times. We've built and moved several branches. We’ve grown from three thousand members and $25 million in assets to more than six thousand members and more than $50 million in assets. In all that time Pam has been here working behind the scenes to insure PCCU remained healthy, strong, and ready to serve members.

Pam's arrival at PCCU was the very definition of a happy accident. A Winchester native, Pam was moving back to the area from Chicago and looking for work at the local unemployment office. PCCU was looking for a VP of Finance to take over from the retiring Dorothy Reed. After interviewing with Mary Heyob, the credit union manager, Pam accepted the position.

According to Pam the biggest changes over her nearly three decades here at the credit union have been in technology. When she began work here cell phones were uncommon and as big as bricks. There was no "e" in mail, and statements were all in paper. In fact, quarterly statements were printed at the Hagerstown office on a dot matrix printer on continuous form green bar paper, and one of the credit union's five employees was a part-time person who came in only at that time to assist with the printing, folding, and stuffing of the statements into envelopes. As time has gone on the pace of change has only accelerated as the changes have gotten broader and more far-reaching. It's those changes Pam will miss the least.

Pam says she’ll miss the people more than anything, they’re her favorite part of working at PCCU. She’s always enjoyed working the data like a puzzle and helping her co-workers answer questions and find solutions, giving them the data they need to make good decisions. Whether it's helping her co-workers or helping members directly, she'll miss them both. After she leaves she'll still see her former colleagues, but she'll miss being involved in their lives every day. Almost as much as we'll miss her quiet, unassuming, and rational leadership and her command of the data. Similarly with members, she'll enjoy seeing all of the people she's helped when she's out and about.

As her last days draw near, Pam plans to tackle a few projects around the house. She’s looking forward to being able to spend more time with her husband, Larry, who’s also retired. They’d like to take some time to travel and see things they haven’t had time for like the Biltmore Estate and the National Parks out West. Pam is also planning a trip to Washington, D.C. with her son. She plans to stay sharp with sudoku and crossword puzzles, and continuing to volunteer at her church.

Her PCCU family will miss her every day, with her sweet, quiet way; always ready to lend a hand or an ear. PCCU wouldn’t be here today without you, and we’ll continue working hard to uphold the traditions and values you passed on to us. We wish you the best, and hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement!

Pam & Carrie Ervin, who is stepping into her role

Celebrate Pam With Us! 

WHEN: Monday, January 29th, 2018
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

WHERE: PCCU's Main Office
631 E Main ST in Hagerstown

WHAT: Pam Tucker's Open House

We’ll serve light refreshments as we say farewell to Pam Tucker, our long-serving VP of Finance, and celebrate her twenty-nine years of service to PCCU and it’s members. Come in and thank Pam, and wish her well in retirement.

We’ll all miss Pam greatly and we’d like to give her a grand send-off. She’s always been there ready to answer a question or lend a hand, no matter how big or hard the job was. Pam was always there.

So join us and let Pam know how much she’s meant to you and to the entire community. And if you can't join us in person, join us in spirit by checking out Pam's Memories on Instagram.


30 Day Loans Put You Back In Control

Get some room to breathe with a 30 Day Loan

Sometimes you have more month than money. You try to plan and keep a budget, but life has a habit of throwing real curve balls when you least expect them. Maybe in an ordinary month you could scrimp and save and make it through the month and pay for a new muffler, but no amount of pasta dinners will free up enough money when your daughter breaks her glasses that same week. Or when the refrigerator and the oven go to appliance heaven in the same month. We've all been there before.

Some people think their only option is taking out a payday loan. While that payday loan may "get you through" until your next payday, it's only putting off the day of reckoning, and at an astronomical interest rate! If you had to borrow $450 from a typical payday loan chain you'd have to pay back about $512 in two weeks. That's $62 for just two weeks!

As a member of PCCU, you have better options. We offer members our own short term solution, PCCU's 30-Day Loan. If you borrowed that same $450 with a 30-Day Loan you'd pay a $5 application fee and then when the loan was due in a month you'd pay back $463.50. A total cost of only $18.50. Plus you get more than twice as long to pay it back; the payday lenders only loan you the money for two weeks, and with PCCU you have a full thirty days to pay it back. Borrowing $450 from a payday loan chain costs $43.50 more than from PCCU, or more than three times as much, with less than half as long to pay it back. The numbers speak for themselves, PCCU's 30-Day Loan is the better choice for a short term cash crunch.

Once we've got a short term fix in place and you can breathe a little easier maybe it's time to think about a better long term solution? 30-Day Loans are certainly a better fix than payday loans, but they aren't a long term solution. Our loan officers will sit down with you, go over your credit and budget, then help you create a game plan to put you on the path to financial fitness as part of our Money Makeover Challenge.

For more details go to our 30-Day Loans page or call for more details at 800-582-7228. You can also stop in and see us at any branch. We'll be happy to give you all the facts! To apply you will need to come in person with your last two pay stubs, or your most recent award letter from Social Security.

PCCU Staff Profile

Carrie Ervin
VP of Finance

Name: Carrie Ervin

Title: Vice President of Finance

Years of Service: 2 Months

Years in Current Role: 2 Months

Hometown: Cambridge City, IN

Favorite Meal: Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenderloin

What should every PCCU member know: We are here to serve our members, and truly have their best interests at heart.

Why should everyone join a CU?: For the personalized service, low cost service fees and the low loan rates.

Home Features That Can Save You Money

During the search for your new home it’s important to consider the ongoing costs of ownership. In addition to peace of mind, homes that have safety features like flame-resistant roofs, alarm systems, and newer electrical systems may be less expensive to insure.

Ask yourself the following questions as you select your potential new home:

Is the home near a fire department?
Most people think about how close their home is to a good school or convenient shopping, but living in close proximity to a fire department not only means that in the event of an emergency, you may have access to help quickly. It may also reduce your insurance rates.

Does the home have a fire-resistant roof?
Some rooftops are designed specifically to be fire-resistant. These roofs use linings made from fire-resistant materials, such as fiberglass or a fiberglass laminate, which will prevent any fires from spreading down throughout the attic areas. Clay and shale tiles are also fire-resistant.

Is the heating and electrical less than 10 years old?
When the heating and electrical systems are under 10 years old, you may benefit from newer, more efficient technology and compliance with modern electrical safety codes. Plus the savings you’re likely to enjoy from lower heating, cooling, and electricity costs will help you control your monthly expenses.

Does the home have a security system?
Homes with security systems not only offer you some peace of mind knowing that you have a quick way to connect with emergency help when you're home, but it also can be helpful in deterring theft when you are not.

All of these things may save you money on your insurance premiums, but they can also provide you with on-going peace of mind and that’s hard to put a price on. While you may not be able to check all of these boxes in the quest for the “perfect” home, if all other things are equal they may help make the case for one home over another.

If you have any questions or need any assistance during your search, we’re here to support you. We want you to find the house that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re ready to make your purchase today, or just wondering what you need to do to prepare yourself for purchasing a home, call Amy at 765-960-8618 or email her to talk about your next steps. She’s ready to serve you!


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