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PCCU Employment Information

Perfect Circle Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer medical, dental, 401(k), educational reimbursement, as well as other benefits. We also provide an in-house continuing education program. Contact the Human Resources Department, Janet Sweet, VP Human Resources at 765-489-4571, Ext. 240 or

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Disclaimer: Please note that e-mail is not a secure method of communication and should not contain personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers, etc., as people other than your intended recipient could intercept and read your message.


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Vision Statement

It is our vision to be a respected leader in the financial services community by nurturing a relationship culture that empowers our members and our staff to achieve their life goals.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to create a mutually profitable relationship with you, our members, while:

Keeping the avenues of communication open, by listening, by caring and by being responsive to your needs.

Providing you with products and services of value.

Creating the perfect service experience.

Enabling unlimited access to your accounts through progressive technology systems.

Committing ourselves to continuing financial education for everyone's success.


Charles Teetor of Hagerstown, Indiana was an inventor and a industrialist. His first company was the Railway Cycle Manufacturing Company which became the Light Inspection Car Company in 1904... the company eventually become known as the Perfect Circle Corporation in 1926.

Perfect Circle Credit Union was chartered in 1932 - two years before the Federal Credit Union Act was signed into law by President Roosevelt.

The Teetor family, founders of the Perfect Circle Corporation, urged the employees of Perfect Circle Corporation to form the credit union to help combat the economic hardships of the Depression. The state of Indiana granted a certificate of organization to the credit union, its board of directors, and the sixteen charter members on March 28, 1932.

In 1934 the Tipton and New Castle plants were added to the field of membership and the credit union continued to grow. In 1945, the Richmond plants came on board. The purchase of Perfect Circle by Dana Corporation added to the growth of the credit union and services were extended to several plants outside Indiana. PCCU not only served the employees and retirees of Dana PC, we served retirees, immediate family members, and several local select employee groups.

Operationally, PC employees managed the credit union until the early 1970's, and the credit union offices were located in the Hagerstown PC plant until 1988. Expansion of the membership and the demand for expanded services dictated that the credit union move to a more convenient location. After 56 years of the support of its sponsor, Dana PC, the credit union constructed its own office in Hagerstown, Indiana in 1988. Continued growth has expanded the credit union services to Richmond, Indiana, with a branch opened there in 1993, and to New Castle, Indiana, with a branch opened there in 1998. In 2001 New Castle made the move to a new branch that offered better facilities and location.

History was made in March of 2003 with a change in PCCU's field of membership, allowing the residents and employees working in Wayne and Henry Counties to join Perfect Circle Credit Union. This offered the opportunity of membership to individuals that never before were afforded the opportunity to be a member of PCCU.

In May of 2005 a fourth branch was opened, located on the east side of Richmond. This branch afforded PCCU the opportunity to provide convenience to its members being located in the heart of the retail district. That convenience was taken a step further in May of 2007 when PCCU opened its doors on Saturday's at its New Castle and Richmond (east branch) locations.

PCCU has been successful because of the support of its membership. PCCU is the oldest credit union in Wayne and Henry County. The volatile U.S. economy has brought about many changes in our history, but one thing remains the same - the dedication, loyalty, and integrity of our membership - which is the driving force behind the soundness of this institution. No matter what the future holds, our membership will carry us to even greater success in the future!

Become a Volunteer

PCCU wants you to consider becoming a volunteer.

Apply here!

A credit union is a not-for-profit, democratically controlled cooperative. As such, a credit union cannot function without dedicated, caring people to chart the course for the future. These people are the volunteers that give their time and talent on behalf of their fellow members.

Volunteering in an organization of this size and complexity is both challenging and rewarding providing many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Your service makes a real impact on the quality of life in the communities we serve. If you want to channel your time and talent into a meaningful experience we are certain there is no better way than to volunteer for your credit union.

There are two ways you can serve PCCU. Your credit union is governed by a seven member Board of Directors elected annually by the membership. Oversight of the board and management is performed by a three member Supervisory Committee that is also elected by the membership. Read further to understand which role may be your best fit.

What is the Board's role?

The specific job outputs of the board, as an informed agent of the ownership, are those that ensure the appropriate organizational performance. The board has direct responsibility to create the linkage between the ownership, PCCU's members, and the operational organization. The Board must establish governing policies that realistically address the broadest levels of all organizational decisions and situations. Most central to this is developing policy that defines what benefit PCCU is to achieve, for whom and at what value. The Board also must define limitations for the executive, establish workable levels of delegated authority and devise good monitoring mechanisms. Last but not least, the board must specify how it conceives, carries out and monitors its own tasks.

PCCU Board members should:

Enjoy conceptual argument, differing points of view and values clarification

Understand that good governance requires a disciplined approach

Be prepared to deliberate with many voices but govern with one

Commit to observing the policies it has set for itself

Enforce agreed-upon rules among each other

Understand that governance is a group effort

The Board of Directors meets monthly. It is estimated that preparation for monthly meetings can take 2-3 hours. Board members do serve on standing committees. Committee work and meetings can take an additional 2-3 hours a quarter. Board members are expected to continue to hone their knowledge and skills by completing educational courses online. This time is estimated to be 1-2 hours monthly. In all, Board service requires a time commitment of 8-10 hours per month.

What is the Supervisory Committee's role?

The Supervisory Committee is required by statute and is primarily responsible for general oversight of the credit union. The committee is responsible for:

Ensuring the credit union's financial statements, taken as a whole, fairly reflect the true financial position of the credit union

Ensuring that management practices and procedures are sufficient to safeguard the members' assets

Ensuring that an independent audit is conducted and verification of members' accounts is completed

The Supervisory Committee meets quarterly to review work completed and plan for the next quarter's work. It does periodic surprise audits of cash and periodic reviews of loan files to monitor the sufficiency of internal management controls. The audit function does require some flexibility with time. Overall, it is estimated that service on the committee requires a time commitment of 12-16 hours a quarter.

At PCCU, we believe that good governance is at the heart of a strong, vibrant credit union. We are committed to ensuring that when you give of your time and talent you are rewarded with the knowledge that your work truly does make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. The Nominating Committee invites you to complete the online information form. Completing the form does not commit you to service but does allow us to give you more complete information about serving as a PCCU volunteer. We hope you will give it a try!

Want to volunteer? Apply here!

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